Spaghetti Carbonara. [but not really]

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This is a family favorite [new tag!] in our home, and we call it Carbonara, but it isn’t. No egg, hence not actually a carbonara, but we don’t care. Call it what you want, it’s tasty, easy, and oh yeah, tasty. This particular version was actually worth jotting down, as it really impressed with how much it could deliver impact … Read More

Foccacia di Vernazza

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Yep. Bread. Again. This time 1/4 whole wheat, and a quadruple batch. I will find out how many kilos of bread my oven can bake at once one of these days. Fortunately, not all of it ended up in bread loaves. Not sure what to make for supper, I stole some of the dough, and made a quick foccacia. Man … Read More

Grandpa Beans

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My great grandparents on my mom’s dad’s side were from Vendée [France], where ‘Mogettes de Vendées’ – a well respected French white bean – are grown. [The ‘well respected’ Tarbais bean was recently spotted at $45/kg locally]. My grandfather grew up eating beans, and fed them to his kids, and his grandkids. He makes them, to this day, at the … Read More

Chard, My Way

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There’s a soft spot in my heart for chard. So under-rated. So under-appreciated. Among its many attributes: it’s healthy for you; it’s easy to grow from seed; it’s super-prolific – a few plants growing more than most people need; it’s hardy; you can harvest it from early spring to late fall. It’s an easy go-to green that makes you feel … Read More

Fish N Chips: Northern Pike, Take II

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What does one do with oil that has been dirtied with deep fried fish? Make more deep fried fish. That, and store it outside in the meantime, as there are far more pleasant odors to have lingering in your kitchen. For the potato debaters in yesterday’s comments: today’s were red norlands. I liked them better. Maybe it was the oil … Read More

The Dantini

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It was my very good friend Dan‘s 30th birthday party on Saturday, and I was able to partake in one of my favorite drinks – his ‘Dantini’. And I do mean favorite. I don’t have a passing interest in it. It is not simply ‘okay’. I’m not posting this to be nice. I’m posting about it cause it’s damn-solidly-awesome [notice … Read More

Crème Brulée

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I can’t believe how beloved this dish seems to be to dinner guests around here, and how few actually make it. And by few, I believe zero would be fair. So either I’ve unintentionally deceived them into thinking it’s ridiculously difficult to make – or they’re lying to me about how much they really like it. I own the CIA’s … Read More