Green Salsa and Refried Bean Taco

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First order of business is to give props to Maryann for being such a sweetie. She makes me sound like I know what I’m doing. Just to be clear: I don’t. But I’m really glad my online blabbering is entertaining enough for someone to take the trouble to read regularly, leave comments, and even post about it. Now. I love … Read More

My Bread Gig

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These numbers are in my head: 400g bread flour280g warm water1 tsp yeast1 tsp table salt. Top left. Scaled the water, then add the yeast. Top center. Scaled the flour and measured salt into the same bowl. Top right. I’ve mixed it all up into a crude mess, and dump it onto my counter. I then clean the bowl with … Read More

Calf Moose Burger

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I get rather long-winded about regional foods at times. So here’s me, stepping up to the plate [no pun intended]: calf moose [harvested in Alberta], Alberta beef, garden onion and herbs, farm egg from Saskatchewan. Reaching on the egg from Saskatchewan, not so regional, but it’s what I had. And yes, I know virtually nobody has access to wild ‘veal’, … Read More

Rockfish and Lemongrass Soup

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My tongue feels like someone’s piercing it with a hot metal poker. But aside from that, this is easily one of the best soups I’ve ever made. I needed a quick lunch, and here’s what went in the pot: 2 cups or so of chicken broth1 cup or so of pork brothA healthy shot of leftover Nuoc Cham [see previous … Read More

Banh Trang phoi suong

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Finally. Banh Trang phoi suong. I figure if it’s Noodlepie’s favorite southern Vietnamese dish, I’ve got to give it a go. And I realized mid way through that I’ve eaten something very similar to this before. The difference, in my opinion, like in many cuisines, is in the details. The mix of fresh minty-citrusy-bitter herbs, many which I probably don’t … Read More

Binagoongang Baboy

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I’m a travel research geek. And I’m currently planning a trip to South East Asia. Not going anytime soon, but that hasn’t stopped my geekness before. Thanks to some great blogs written by locals in Vietnam, like this one, there’s a very good chance we’ll be stopping in Vietnam. To eat. After lots of reading and drooling at photos, I … Read More

Gelato al Pistachio

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Talk about mixed feelings. Pistachio gelato is something I look forward to on every trip to Italy. And I just made it in my very own kitchen. I should be jumping for joy. Part of me is – but part of me is melancholic. I’ve felt this before. We used to anticipate trips to Paris to gorge ourselves on pains … Read More

Poule au Pot

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Poached chicken, thanks to a comment from Yen about what to do with a chicken that you forgot in your trunk overnight. It may sound boring, but to me, it’s classic comfort-food. Like roast chicken, but more ‘plain’. Perhaps more ‘subtle’ would be a kinder adjective. On the left, my mis en place. I admit, easy for me, as nearly … Read More