COVID19 Reboot

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Hm. Kinda like washing your car and ‘causing’ rainy crappy weather, I took this site down and then COVID19 hit. I couldn’t even remember how to log in or post it’s been so long, but over the past weeks as the globe shut down to cope with this pandemic, I found myself wanting to refer back to some old posts … Read More

Field Kitchen Kit

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Earlier in the week I was cooking a few courses of wild game with Jeff Senger for Knifewear’s annual manager’s meeting in Calgary, and I hauled along my field cookery kit – I was in a hurry and know this kit will bail me out when it’s time to feed people. It needed some repacking and restocking so I figured … Read More

Season 3 Release of From The Wild

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What an intense journey. Getting to season 3 means 38 episodes, about 130 days in the field. I’ve already greyed in the beard since the early episodes, and the project is doing exactly what I’d hoped – it’s documenting and diarizing a crazy amount of life experience memories that would be impossible to cram into a single person’s head. The … Read More


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I’m going to be working on a crew of Neil Grahn‘s on a documentary series about the first time hunter experience. The show’s in development phase which means we’re scheduling pilot work, working out content and logistic details, etc – one of which is lining up the right ‘talent’ for the project. Neil’s looking for first time hunters willing to be on … Read More

DJI Phantom2 Crash. Again.

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Quadcopters are an amazing piece of production technology, when they’re not crashing. When I was researching buying one, I’d read things like ‘just a matter of time before you crash one‘. Boy were they right. I’ve crashed mine into rocks in the mountains. I’ve learned about “uncontrolled descent” by splooshing it into a lake – only learned later what had happened … Read More


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We made it. Season One of FROM THE WILD was a roller coaster to be involved with and produce – the insanely fun, adrenaline-filled, addictive kind that means Season Two is already in preproduction, with some exciting tweaks and improvements on deck. I will never be able to say enough about the folks that are tuning in via pay-per-view. You’re what allows … Read More

1867 – Fairview Cellars [Ep 64]

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Four years ago, which feels like forever ago, I did a fairly comprehensive survey of the South Okanagan winery scene. I tasted loads of wines, took loads of tasting notes, and score loads of wines. From that came a top few that I felt were at the top of the region’s game. Bill’s was one of them. He’s since had a bin … Read More

Winter Project Time

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I feel like I have a little explaining to do, as I’ve been getting involved with projects that may seem a little out of the blue, but aren’t. Since the snow fell, the cold came, and the outdoor food world froze into ice, I have had time to park myself at an imac and get stuck into building out some … Read More

Pickled Whitefish

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This is a bit of redemption for me. 2 years ago, I wrote about pickling whitefish, and failed at documenting the recipe or approach to it. So this time around, I’m taking notes as I plan on doing this often. It’s not fussy, it’s tasty, and strikes me as the kind of thing every good northerner should be happy to … Read More