Cob Oven Bread

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I’m not sure quite what to say about the fact that I’ve had this lovely oven for months now, and today was the first time I actually intentionally baked bread. In my defense, I shall say: pizza, roast and braised meats, pies, loaves, deep frying, and smoked bacon. It’s interesting that a lot of folks think wood oven and think ‘bread’, yet it took me so long to get to it. It speaks to the over-performing-versatility of the thing. I know many of your are convinced, and I tip my hat to those of you who either have built one since I built mine, or are going to, due to my constant prodding. It makes me deeply content to know a few cob ovens adorn our city that didn’t before, simply because I shared my experience with mine.

For a guy who’s far from obsessed with perfecting bread, I’m pretty pleased with this one. Overnight ferment of 50% Gold Forest Grains’ hard whole wheat. About 80% hydration. That’s all there is to say about it. It’s bread. Baked in a wood oven. The one thing I did that some would scorn is I baked it with the last of a fire in the back, with the door open. Most would pull coals and close the door for more even heat and a higher humidity bake. That would have removed the pleasure of watching it and turning it as I saw fit. Really solid oven spring, nice toast. Now to get to eating it.

5 Comments on “Cob Oven Bread”

  1. Sherri

    YUM! Good job :) Of course when you have the best flour to start with and a cob oven to bake the bread in, how can it NOT be spectacular? We are SO excited to build our oven. Been reading and drawing and dreaming… too busy finishing a million other projects here to start it (not to mention hubby works away currently). Am planning for a Spring build :) Keep sharing your cob nosh… love it all :)

  2. Nicola Cunha

    We’re moving to our farm next week! Among other things, we’re thinking of building an outdoor oven. Do you have a good on-line or book source for building one? Thanks! Nicola

  3. Kevin

    Nicole – Kiko Denzer’s is great. Also worth reading ‘bread builders’ co-written by Allan Scott.

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