Common-sense-o-meter Test: FAIL

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Doo-dee-doo go I down the mega-grocer aisle with my family a few months ago. ‘Hey, let’s get some pickles!’, says I. Grab a jar. Get home. Read the label: Product of India. They’re pickles. Not ‘Indian-style’ pickles. Just plain dill pickles. I felt like I’d failed a common-sense-o-meter test. Like I’d exploited whoever laboured to make this, clearly for very little as it cannot be cheap to ship pickles around the world, all the while undercutting all domestic pickles on price. Someone got screwed. I’m guessing it was the farmer.

This is ridiculous and fails any ‘reasonable-third-party’ test – pickled cucumbers should be in the ‘from the garden’ category of this blog, not the ‘from 11,191km away’ category. How embarrassing.

3 Comments on “Common-sense-o-meter Test: FAIL”

  1. Kristeva Dowling

    So will you be making your own this year then? Nothing better than your own pickles! Have you tried the ‘real’ kind that you ferment like sauerkraut? If you haven’t checked them out, look up the Harsch crocks.

    I’m down to my last few jars of dills from last year.


  2. Kevin

    Absolutely. We are addicted to pickled carrots around here, and vastly under estimated our consumption. This year should be different. I also may pickle some beets, and am growing cabbage for the first time – so sauerkraut may be in my future.

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