Egg Loveliness

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Two seasonal things to like here. First, the sun only shines like this on my dining table for a few mornings a year before moving position. Second, the chickens are getting a broader range of feed outdoors now that the snow has buggered off and the overall quality is reflecting it. Back to the rich, creamy, dark yolks [they’re more average and lemon-colored through the winter]. Maybe the sun knows it’s ‘egg season’?

A couple reasons to find leads on local food producers: 1] these eggs were picked the day before I got them, and 2] they’re dirt cheap – $1.75/dozen. Cheap + awesome = happy.

Current fav seasonal egg dish: anything that involves the abundance of chives and wild onions leading the growing season in my yard.

4 Comments on “Egg Loveliness”

  1. erika edith

    I love fresh eggs – may I ask if they are a farmers market find – or somewhere off the beaten track?

    The idea of buying eggs is so much more manageable than all that talk of keeping chickens in your back yard (?!)that I have heard about lately.

  2. Kevin Kossowan

    ee – somewhere very off the beaten track, hence the price.

    I'm actually a fan of the backyard chicken concept, and may end up there. But I do agree that it seems to be a pretty serious commitment.

  3. Jeff K

    New ruling in Vancouver announced today allowing 4 chickens in the backyard of standard housing lots. People are upset about the ruling, which sort of upsets me.

  4. Kevin

    That’s fantastic! I’m not surprised people are upset – someone growing their own food may disturb their urban awesomeness.

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