Egg Season?

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The hens are clearly rooting around for food again. When I first tried eggs from this farm, they were in a glorious state, and I was sold forever. But as we enjoyed them through the seasons, we noticed that in the winter, the yolks paled up to something more akin to what we get at the store. I was disappointed at not being able to enjoy the same quality all year, but quickly made peace with it. Can’t expect free range hens to find much forage when it’s -35C and 3 feet of snow is on the ground. But spring has arrived, and the yolks have drastically deepened in color. The albumen’s thicker. The quality of my egg supply is finally ‘in season’.

A couple different varieties of chive, some ‘beurre noire’ as my french granpa calls it. Finally, some seasonal cooking. Oh, I know you Californians are laughing at how late some fresh foods arrive up here. Many of us here probably need counselling for climate jealousy. What can ya do.

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