Episode 31 – Pizza

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New Level Pizza - Margerita

Two people passionate about pizza. Like. Hardcore passionate. New Level Pizza [no they don’t have a website, but you can follow them on Twitter @newlevelpizza], is affectionately known by members as ‘pizza club‘. Pizza club is currently a member only deal, not open to the public, and you can only go if you get invited by an existing member. There’s a long list of reasons why pizza club is a member-only deal at the moment, and you can ask the guys all about it when you score yourself an invite to go try their pies.

I have always adored the concept of prix-fixe eating – allowing the chef to do what inspires them and knock those dishes out of the park, rather than burning their energy accommodating everybody. Depending on the season and night, you’ll get a different array of deliciousness. Chad’s folks happened to have been in town from Newfoundland bearing gifts of line-caught cod, lingonberries, and cloudberries – so they ended up on the menu this particular night. Next time, something different.

It’s always fun to listen to folks talk about what they’re passionate about – and this episode’s no exception.

16 Comments on “Episode 31 – Pizza”

  1. Raymond

    Well filmed sir.
    That was a good night and (as always) the pizza was amazing. Most people truly don’t know what great pizza can be. :)

  2. Jason

    I thought the first rule of Pizza Club was “You do not talk about Pizza Club” :o

  3. New level pizza

    Second rule of pizza club: you have no chance of joining pizza club if you haven’t watched episode 31 of Kevin TV and know it by heart!

  4. H.Peter

    The reason why I never opened a Pizza joint, is because of the passion that needs to go behind making the perfect pie.
    My passion clearly lies with the eating process…….

  5. becky3086

    Very nice. The pizzas look wonderful though I didn’t know what half the ingredients they listed were. I wish I knew how they made their crusts though since my sourdough ones come out kind of thin for my liking.

  6. Mike

    Another great video. My wife and I are huge fans of homemade pizza but even after all these years we still have not found “the perfect crust”. I really enjoyed seeing them put the pie’s together, this is definitely a club I would like to have a membership in.:) Wonder if my wife will let me put peas or berries on our next pizza…really neat.

  7. jeff s.

    great video and a really great night. As a pizza club first timer, i had no idea what to expect but it definitely exceeded my expectations in every way – awesome food, good wine, and a good group of nice people there to enjoy it.

  8. Liane

    Oh, I was distraught at having to miss Pizza Club in the first place, but more so after watching this mouth-watering video. I love Kevin TV.

  9. Mel

    Jeff’s philosophy toward pizza is much like his philosophy toward espresso, haha. Love the consistency. If margheritas in other places were like the ones I’ve tasted from Jeff and Chad, I wouldn’t need to eat any other kind either. Though I do thoroughly enjoy the other concoctions. Congrats on the success of the ‘pizza club’! Wish I could be there to enjoy.

  10. Addie (@BigAddie)

    oh, now I get where I’ve seen Jeff Chad before! He designed the Transcend food menu

  11. Scott Schroeder

    Hi. As supporters/ lovers of not only pizza, but locally made food. Me and my wife are very infatuated with the the level pizza club. Very interested in somehow becoming members.

  12. Twyla

    For those of us who unfortunately missed this event, watching this vid is like having salt poured in our open wound. Now, I wait for someone to notice me in the corner as I jump up and down and wave my hand in the air as I plead, “pick me! pick me!”

    Beautiful video, Kevin. You rock.

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