Episode 47 – Sustainable Beef

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I’ve seen rotational grazing of sheep [Tangle Ridge Ranch, Ep 15], and heard and read lots about the philosophy and science behind rotational grazing of beef, but I hadn’t seen it in practice until visiting Nature’s Way Farm. I was there to shoot a video about Lisa’s veg CSA [Ep 46], but when our day included moving their cows, I couldn’t help but get Peter to speak about it in front of a lens.

I adore when farmers are obsessed with their soil. Peter is certainly one of them. It’s inspiring to clearly see the health in the soil and perennial forage post having had livestock moved through it, rather than the inverse, and it’s beautifully simple that it only takes a single electrified wire and a whole lot of care and attention to be able to restore health and fertility to land with a herd of livestock. Peter clearly brings a serious pile of knowledge and experience to the equation too.

Interestingly, they are the primary supplier of beef to the Sunworks Farm brand [Ep 4]. They also sell halves/whole direct.

One Comment on ““Episode 47 – Sustainable Beef”

  1. Frances Petryshyn

    I liked what I heard, it is great to hear about farmers realizing that their farm, whether it is 1 quarter or 2 sections, can be its own ecosystem and actually be sustainable well into the future, the factory farm is anything but sustainable.

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