Episode 48 – The Carbon Farmer

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I’ve been on a lot of farms in the past few years, but none quite like this. On my way up to Manning for a variety of shoots related to another project Brad had a role in contracting me for, we made a stop to take a look at their operation. On that same drive I had passed many a chunk of bush being pushed down by cats hired by farmers upping the scale game. And here these guys were, planting trees. I adore the guts it takes to do something this outside the box. Although the basic premise is simple: farm carbon, Brad’s way too smart to leave it at that. Planting trees provides opportunities to sell carbon credits and ‘farm’ wild foods. And reminicent of a conversation I’d had with a Chateauneuf du Pape producer a few years back about how the wine industry had matured and been pushed by competition such that they were pulling vines on land that was marginal for that use and probably shouldn’t have been planted in the first place – here’s Brad doing the same in my back yard. Well, his back yard. And it’s heritage grains and trees, not grapes. Okay, weak example, but talk about diversification – selling carbon credits to industry, land rehabilitation, growing organic heritage grains, and niche wild food. Folks must think he’s crazy. Wonder how many years before some start to follow.

5 Comments on “Episode 48 – The Carbon Farmer”

  1. Mary

    Thanks! How refreshing to hear good news (for a change!). A great example of thinking outside the box and the value of a good education. I will always remember this couple and the positive work they are doing for the planet. You made my day!

  2. Sherri

    Fantastic video! Well spoken, articulate, forward thinking and incredibly insightful… LOVE this farm and what they stand for. We need more of this kind of land stewardship in our province. Brilliant!

  3. Deb Krause

    Great video! I’m so happy you’re able to share all these positive stories with the (internet)world :)
    Such a feel-good story, just when I needed a “pick-me-up”. Thanks! ;)

  4. arlene

    Kevin, you could single-handedly make Alberta known for being a center of solutions, and leaders in this new way of thinking, rather than follwers who despair. Thanks for the great work you are doing. I would have no way of knowing this was happening in our province were it not for your inspiring blog.

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