Episode 55 – Cider

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So I built a big cider press. Or rather, I had one built. A metal fabricator built the steel frame, and @landonschedler crafted the oak tray. It didn’t take long in test-phase to be in awe at the faucet flow of fresh juice pouring out of it. It works well.

Cider season, having happened the first part of September, feels like a blur. Chad Moss and I spent nearly every day for two to three weeks [don’t remember, the blur thing] either in a fruit tree, under a fruit tree, in a vehicle finding a fruit tree, or in my garage crushing and pressing the yield of the fruit tree. We did take breaks to light a fire and prep a meal here and there. And slept. But that was pretty much cider season. If it takes 100lbs of fruit to fill a carboy, I estimate we saw 5-6000lbs of fruit, marked by roughly 400-600lbs of 3-4 different varieties of pears in the mix. Everything from little red crabapples tasting like watermelon jolly rancher to huge baking apples, to apples with bright pink flesh – we saw a lot of apple. Need to keep better records next year, but I’m confident we cracked the kilo-L this year, and likely made it into the 1200-1300L range. Not all for me, of course. And that’s what makes this cider season an epic one. Spent a lot of time with good friends having a lot of good times, revelling in the wealth of fruit, dipping glasses under the tap of fresh juice, sharing meals and drinks and the satisfying fatigue of hard work. A memorable stretch of life, this cider season was. And the cider will now penetrate into our homes, affecting how we’re cooking and drinking, etching itself more deeply into our food culture. Love it.

5 Comments on “Episode 55 – Cider”

  1. Andrew

    I started to get set up for cider this year but eventually realized, due to our move, that I couldn’t devote the time to make it, which is unfortunate. One day.

  2. DebTheLocavore

    Oh how I hate myself for not being able to make it to a cider day :(
    On the plus side, maybe in the spring I’ll be able to trade goat cheese for some ;)

  3. Matthew Pyper

    Do you have a recipe you can share with us? I’ve got rhubarb wine fermenting now but cider is on the list for next year! Your volumes are epic!

  4. Rachel

    Great idea! Do you have any dimensions for other DIYers?
    Love watching a Canadian site that is WELL-DONE! Thanks!

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