Friday Wine Night Returns?

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I’m resolved that my ‘Friday Night Wine Night‘ concept needs a comeback. So last night myself and a friend tackled an 04 E. Guigal Cotes Du Rhone – widely available in an inexpensive pricepoint. A guest had graciously brought it earlier in the week, and it needed to meet its fate rather than be cellared. It’s an 81 pointer that’s likable, but not quality. Disjointed, arromatically challenged, but actually decent with food.

It being Friday night, the charcoal was burnin’, and I decided to use some bread dough to make a herbed grill-bread, which turned out great. The dough was a bit soft, and I had a moment of near disaster, but recovered. I’d kind of given up on baking bread in the summer for lack of want of heating up my house more than I had to – but this will provide a solid solution for nights spent cooking outside.

Aside the bread on the grill was a chunk of berkshire shoulder marinated in sage, garlic, and olive oil, and some pieces of a leg of pronghorn roast I had out for tonight’s dinner that got a rosemary and mint treatment. This with some garden salad [oops no photo, and yes, I eat vegetables] made for a very enjoyable, laid back meal to wrap up the week.

How do you celebrate your Fridays?

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