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I was asked to speak at Slow Food Edmonton’s AGM about some of the things I learned while producing my ‘From Local Farms‘ project. The list is rather long, political, heavy, rife with issues of all kinds, and I intend on making some noise about some of the issues, and helping where I can on others. For now though, I’m posting a quick highlight reel featuring the farmers talking about a variety of topics that I put together for today’s presentation. I figured I’d let the farmers do the talking.

6 Comments on “From Local Farms – From The Farmer’s Mouth”

  1. Mel

    Awesome. Great to hear that you’re helping to give a voice to those who so very much need one. Can’t wait to hear how it went.

  2. Judy Z.

    Kevin that was amazing! I’m amazed there were only three comments. Does that mean not many people know about your site or most don’t bother to comment. I started looking at your site becaue of Allan Suddaby (my daughters boyfriend) I was off for eight weeks with a broken foot and not very mobile so have spent a lot of time on you tube and got hooked on info about urban homesteads, permaculture,etc. It is great that there are local advocates of organic farming. I’m wondering if you have come across any of the sites about effective microbials and indigenous microbes and bokashi. It is organinc and is something I am fascinated by and thought you might be interested in to facilitate growing in your little homestead in the city or maybe you already use. If so I’d love to read about your experiences. I’ve started a batch of indigenous microbials (I’m not 100% sure I got it right but am going to make a batch of Bokashi in a couple of weeks and see if it works for Bokashi composting. I’ve come to the conclusion from my studies that a product I used to buy for $56 for a 500 ml bottle is actually indigenous microbials. It seemed to have the same results as IM is purported to have. I’ve got a batch of activated IM in an almost full 23 litre wine carboy that has cost me less than $5.00 if it works! (plus 1750 ml of IM in the fridge that was included in that less than $5.00 cost). If it works(????) and you haven’t tried bokashi composting before let Allan know and I’ll give you a sample of my bokashi to try.

  3. Kevin

    Re: comments, I’d say both apply.
    I can’t say I recall reading about Bokashi or indigenous microbials, but it sounds fascinating, and I’m all ears when it comes to soil health. I love any story where DIY pays such wonderful dividends – especially when it comes to natural processes that we really should know about and not rely on retailers for. I’ll email you to hook me up, as I’d like to know more, and give it a shot.

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