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Jenny’s visual arts background explained for me why their stall at the City Market is so darn eye appealing. The overall vibe compels you to stop for a look at the myriad of colors, shapes, textures, and artful display of it all. In my mind, these folks help fill an important void in our regional food culture, making a brilliant diversity of veg available to the masses. Not seeking the conventional, the easiest, the biggest, or the most shelf-stable, they get excited about the fragile, the tasty, and the different. Gardening has certainly taught me that many lovely taste experiences are missed simply because a variety doesn’t hold well in industrial distribution systems. One of the great advantages of buying local, fresh, organic produce from people like these guys is that you don’t need somebody else to decide which cultivar you’ll eat because it’s shelf-stable and we’re used to it – you can choose the cultivars you’ll eat because they’re exciting, healthful, and tasty.

Coming from a multi-generation history of local organic produce farming, Sundog Organic Farm seems to have quickly positioned themselves as an inspiring and key player in defining and enhancing the character of our local food.

8 Comments on “From Local Farms – Sundog Organic Farm”

  1. john schneider

    Robin Hood walking past the background! Classic! LOL so glad you didn’t edit out the real world Kevin! Great show. great people interviewed. Loved it.

  2. A Canadian Foodie

    Plus we can have a tractor – then the last line, and the tractor rumbling in the background. What a fantastic clip. I have not for a second underestimated the amount of work that it takes this couple to get their incredible produce to the market each week. I was surprised that there were so many things there that I haven’t seen at the market – their multi-coloured carrots… and other items. And preserving IS key. Just as they say. Another young couple who share your values, Kevin. What do they do during the winter. Are they able to make enough money from this market garden initiative to sustain their family throughout the year, or do they have to free lance their “other” skill sets when the season has passed?
    Seeing their garden reminded me of the French Laundry Garden in Ca across the street from the restaurant last summer. I posted a piece about it. We went back to it and walked through it the morning after our dinner. I would like to learn more about what and how these two preserve their food for the winter.
    Maybe another project for you? Living in a winter climate: preparing for the cold?

  3. Kevin

    Preservation of food is certainly a topic relevant to the scope of what I want to write about – hence the ‘From the Cellar’ section. I’m not sure as to the details of their finances – so can’t comment on how much of their total income is derived from the farm operation.

  4. Roy Berkenbosch

    Great film of 2 beautiful people doing something they love. I’m grateful for Sundog farm. Their best products yet are Silas (Robin Hood) and Eli (not shown), but these are not for sale =:)

  5. Michael Hunter

    Hi Kevin -finally got around to watching this- great job! Now I have video evidence of what I did this season (I was the guy in the dorky yellow knee pads)

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