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FTW S1E11 - SUNRISEThis is the first episode where we get to meet ‘the’ John Schneider – a dear friend who happens to have a former life as a high profile hunting and fishing guide. John also happens to be an organic grain farmer [@goldforestgrain]. John also happens to be a super nice guy. This episode, title included, is a nod to the story arc of his journey with hunting.

This was a difficult three days. The second half of the journey is one of the most fondly remembered legs of season one – the first half one of the least.

We’re starting to look tired on camera – I know I am. This episode was shot 4 days after getting home from S1E10. The very day I got home from this one I flew to Japan to shoot Springhammer 2. It was a busy time. One where I’m glad there were cameras involved all the while, as without them, it would just be a blur of insane memories. The big gift of post production is that I actually get to slow down and re-live some of the crazy moments when life is hammering me with its experience. I’m grateful.

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