Garden Season Is Here!!!

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I know. This isn’t exciting for most people. But this is a big deal to me. This is a picture of Korean chives breaking new growth. My sage has this season’s baby leaves on it. My swiss chard, which I’d heard is a biennial, is pushing out leaves that in a short week or two will be big enough to actually eat. Now admitedly 15 feet away sits the residual snow banks from the winter, but that won’t last long. This means that life just got a little bit better. Cooking will taste better. I’ll have the satisfaction of using my own garden produce, which happens to be very healthful. These are good things.

This year’s heavy snowfall was good for the garden. I made a point of shoveling snow on my herb garden to help protect the plants, and with great success. I have a chicken in the oven with dried sage, lavendar, and fresh thyme from my garden. My oregano has inches of new growth. And I’m stunned by how well one of my thyme plants survived the winter..

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