Good eats

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I felt like something healthy. The stodgy rissoto-like thing on the left is a true fridge and cupboard raid – north african vibe. Brown rice. A pinch of cumin seeds, ground up. A few dried apricots and a prune, chopped fine. Half an small onion. A clove of garlic. A few sliced cremini mushrooms. Some sultana raisins. A couple good tbsp of almond butter that my mom sent home with me one night. A good glob of local honey. Salt and pepper. It is really damn good.

On the right: a garden-raid-omlette. Within the Sunworks organic eggs from the market yesterday – sorrel, lovage leaves, oregano tips, mint tips, chard, chive, korean chive, and italian parsley. It’s all really young growth, so this is pretty choice stuff – tender and mild. Healthful, tasty, seasonal, and cheap. Mission accomplished.

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