Quick-and-dirty Pizza Oven on the BBQ

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BBQ Pizza Oven

What you need: 4 whole bricks + 2 half bricks + 1.5 8×16 pavers + 1 12×12 slate tile + a bbq OR some ingenuity and your own kickin’-around-masonry items. Or a quick visit to Home Depot. Basic concept: too damn hot to be baking pizzas in the house, so how can we get ‘er done on the grill? What doesn’t work: a bunch of standard 4×8 bricks laid on the grill to create a hearth/pizza stone. Tried it. As soon as I did it I realized why it was not going to work. No heat from above. Even with a bbq lid closed, no dice. What does work: good bed of hot coals, lay out the std bricks while it’s still damn hot, top with pavers to retain and reflect heat to the top of the pizza [let it heat up for a half hour or so at this point], and a tile of slate a few minutes before baking for a quick heat-up/transfer to crisp up the crust – which it did very nicely. A few hours later, it’s still 250-300 in there depending on location.

So there I have it. A little tide-me-over oven setup for the hot days of summer, until my large unit [yes, I used those words] gets built. Next time, I’m going to bake a few pizzas back to back. Photo of masonry layout below:

7 Comments on “Quick-and-dirty Pizza Oven on the BBQ”

  1. Kristeva Dowling

    Wonderful! I was JUST talking with a friend about doing just this. Thanks for the tutorial!


    PS. congrats on your own website. I’m going to enjoy catching up with you.

  2. habanerogal

    That pizza oven will get you through the hopefully warm summer months and provide you with the sustenance to keep your big oven project on track. Very resourceful

  3. A Canadian Foodie

    Great idea – I make a totally different grilled pizza – also excellent – take a look at my post and there is a detailed slide show in my gallery… Both are incredible, and Love your idea.

  4. Kevin

    Habanerogal – precisely: it’ll get the job done for the time being. Honestly, wish I’d have thought of it a long time ago!

    Hang – sweet. Always glad to offer up something theft-worthy.

    Valerie – I checked out your method, and completely agree with grilling the one side to crisp it up pre-toppings.

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