Ice Fishing Fail

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Ice Fishing Hole

When small, the photo on the left looks strikingly like a giant storm of doom shot from space. But it’s just an ice hole. An ice hole that hardly had a line put down it this morning, because, as I was fated to learn, small children have no attention span for ice fishing. Which is cool. I brought other stuff to do – books, sand toys, food, etc. No dice. My 3 year old complained the entire time, starting before arrival. Too cold, wanted mommy, wanted to go home. What I fail to understand is that on the way home, after essentially ruining everybody else’s morning complaining and crying, she declares: ‘I love ice fishing!’. I don’t understand.

The lake we went to is one that’s aerated and stocked with 40,000 trout a year. Figured that might result in some coolness. Nope. Not a bite. Although when you let the toddlers choose their lures, and spend zero time manning a line, you’re not exactly setting yourself up for success. To make things worse, unlike the last time I went ice fishing [Episode 26], we couldn’t see anything much beyond the hole. For whatever reason, the water’s murkier. I’ll choose a lake I can see into, every time. Just a matter of figuring which ones those are exactly. Thankfully the lake was close to the city, it was a beautiful morning, and all my new ice fishing gear worked out a treat. Couldn’t have sucked too bad, as I’m going to a different lake tomorrow. Without the 3-year-old.

Ice Fishing - Hasse Lake

10 Comments on “Ice Fishing Fail”

  1. Marcus

    Fishing might have been a fail, but kids doing stuff with dad is always a win. Especially when they’re little, our kids won’t always share our passions, but shared time outside is a wonderful thing. Way to go!

  2. Deb Krause

    We’re trying Gull Lake next saturday. Have you been out there lately?
    My brother-in-law has been out ice fishing a couple of times this year already, but it’s been a while since any of us were out that way…

    I remember going out with my family doing all sorts of wonderful outdoorsy stuff. While I’m sure there are times our parents wanted to strangle us, but it made us all better people in the end ;)

    Hope tomorrow is better! *here fishy fishy*

  3. Sherri

    ROFLOL… We have 5 kids and boy howdy, do I know what you’re talking about :) Ah well.. it takes time to get them used to something new and on top of that, 3 year olds are NOTORIOUSLY fickle, LOL…. Kevin, if you have NO EXPECTATIONS, then it’s impossible to fail – it’s all in the outlook :)

  4. A Canadian Foodie

    All comments are right on the money! She loves her daddy…! What a great activity for daddy and daughter. Don’t give up! When you find a good spot – take her again – she will be hooked. Especially when you fry up some fish beside the hole. What an experience.
    What fun!!!!

  5. Mike

    We have been doing a bit of ice fishing with the grandson as well, he has only caught a few crappie so far this year but does enjoy the experience. Best of luck on your next outing.

  6. The Kitchen Magpie

    Oh lord, that’s just 3 as only a 3 year old can be. (and that makes no sense) I get it. Totally. It gives me new respect for my own dad who taught us all to fish. How the hell did he get ANY fishing done? We were out there young as young can be too….kudos to you supe rdad. Those are memories the kids won’t soon forget, even if she didn’t like it. She obviously came away with a fond memory somewhere in that little 3 year old brain of hers, and that’s what means the most.

  7. Judy Z

    I’m with the rest. The expression of love for ice fishing is a reflection of her love of spending time with her father. She may be young but this is the kind of thing she will remember, the same way I remember riding on a stone boat through the field behind the horses. I don’t think I was very old and I am sure it was bitterly cold. I have little doubt that I complained the whole time but it is a special memory more then 50 years later. She will remember.

  8. adalynfarm

    Ah yes. Fishing with the ‘helpers’…. I always have the expectation of being hooked at least once, and not catching anything but a possible cold. That way I’m ecstatic when we leave early cause “I’m cold, this is boring, I’m hungry, I want mommy” and I don’t have to dig a hook out of some exposed chunk of flesh… I set my sites low… That way I’m seldom let down.

    Good for you though for taking them! The ‘I love ice fishing” is awesome!!!!

  9. Kevin

    Thanks all for the wisdom. Turns out my 3 year old had a very successful day out on the ice when there were friends, a campfire, fish, and a mommy involved. Worked much better. My 4 year old has been game every time I go, a couple times a week or more.

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