Mmm, smoke – I could almost eat my jacket

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I’ve posted often enough about bacon to skip the details. Short story: the last batch was awesome, and it’s all gone. So out came another slab of belly. And what’s this…hog jowl? Hm. And is that a pack of calf moose belly?

After a week of curing, they were smoked with apple and hickory. Man, I love hickory. For some reason, this batch of smoking produced an unusually gorgeous color and aroma. The pork belly is awesome as always. The jowl is thicker, and the fat seems denser. So far, very pleased. The calf moose belly was perhaps the breakthrough of the bunch. Oddly, it reminded me of smoked salmon. Strange. But it made me want to eat it diced in a cream sauce with pasta. It has the wonderful cured and smoky flavor of bacon, just no fat. I’ve got some R&D to do with cured and smoked game meats, apparently.

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