Ode to Veal – Burgundy, Part I

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I live in a province supposedly renowned for its high-quality beef [it seems every place that raises cattle thinks theirs is the best]. Despite all the beef around, I grew up basically with zero experience with veal. Strange.

Photo of the day is a meat-heavy dish I put together in Evelle, France. It’s a tiny village tucked just away from Montrachet in Burgundy, and as you will see in subsequent posts, we had poor weather which justified many a hearty dish enjoyed by a roaring fire in a giant hearth.

From front to back on the plate: ‘farce’ or veal stuffing, ‘poitrine’ or breast of veal, very caramelized small turnip, and roasted potato. I’ve since been on a bit of a veal binge. More veal, and Burgundy, to come.

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