‘Old Fresh Chicken’

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Today’s culinary discovery was the ‘old fresh chicken’ at my local asian grocer. I went to buy pork belly [they were out], and came home with ‘old fresh chicken’. So I proceeded to make chicken stock, and am enjoying a cup, seen above, as I type. What’s the big deal? Other than laughing every time I think of the name, their old fresh chickens were $1.49. Yeah. For a whole bird. I will forever keep an eye out for ‘old fresh chickens’. Makes a decent stock, and once cooked forever, the meat is actually quite usable to boot. This seriously appeals to the cheap-ass in me. I’m gleeful at my ‘find’.

I wish the photo on the left were mine, but it is not. Yen took it on his recent foodie-trip to Japan. And I do mean foodie-trip. Hardcore. A month of travel in Asia with one goal: to eat as well as one possibly can. An admirable effort. This was one of many courses at what looks like a fantastic lunch that I’m completely missing out on. So much food, so little time.

And lastly, a shot from the bodog battle that kept me busy for a day or two, and is partly responsible for some blog-absence. It’s always a pleasure to take the stage with my brothers [And when I say brother, I don’t mean like an actual brother…but I mean it like the way black people use it…which is more meaningful, I think] from My Sister Ocean. It was fun to take the stage rocking a giant bass rig for once, and happily my piano/synth gear worked as intended, making for a fun set. No food though.

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