Pickled Carrots

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I was short-of-breath-giddy to get this jar put together. Since I was a kid, I could pretty much pass on pickles – pickled cucumbers that is, but not these. Pickled carrots, in my little world, are in an elite class of their own. And baby carrots, they top that elite class. It just so happens that I married a lady who loves them perhaps even more than I. We both love them so, but our cheapassedness prevents the purchase of $10 pints from the farmer’s market – so we abstain. Last year we put up quite a few quarts and pints, hoping they’d last a while. They did not. We were out by…fall? So this year, we’re on a bit of a mission. We are resolved to have a veritable army of pints and quarts awaiting our every pickled carrot desire. And for this season, it has begun.

Here’s the recipe we use, which I acquired from my mom:

Per pint: 1 clove garlic, 1 head dill [better if young rather than mature-seedlike], 1/4 cup white vinegar, 1 tbsp pickling salt. Stuff jars with dill head & garlic, then carrots [I pack the jar reasonably snug], then salt and vinegar. Top with boiling water. Waiting a few weeks improves the overall product, but it’ll be darn tough to wait that long.

3 Comments on “Pickled Carrots”

  1. A Canadian Foodie

    That’s it? No canning in the big water bath? I think I used to do them this way, too. It’s been so long. I love them, too. I recall it taking forever to get those babies clean. I am crazy over these. I love the little hot pepper and sugar they add to them at the booth that sells them at OSFM, too. Oh, Kevin. I am feeling so lazy. I love to do everything you are doing… but no longer have that youthful energy. Where did it go? I am going to get my canning and preserving started later this week, and if I come across some lovely baby carrots, they will most likely be in my basket and I will be looking up this recipe!

  2. Kevin

    Valerie – I know, no canning. I asked my mom about it, and it was my grandmother’s recipe, and they’ve never had a batch go bad using this method. Canning is a weird science/art.
    Cleaning is really awesome early in the year, we just swish them around a bucket with a couple changes of water. But now, they’ve got those little ridges around them that collect dirt and it does take more time.
    I would be happy for you to try it – the jars don’t last long here, my wife and 1 year old can go through them pretty quick.

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