Rabbit Fricassee with Shaggy Parasol, Zucchini, and Celriac Puree.

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I had an opportunity to pick up some fresh rabbit from the market this week, and took it. I’d survived a recent wild mushroom consumption. My mom and D showed up with a whole celeriac root. And while we ate salami and drank wine on the back patio, I picked some baby zucchini – determined to get to them before the frost did. Hence the dish.

Worth noting: fricassee is a great method for rabbit . Quick brown in butter, salt, pepper. Added thyme, onion, garlic, water. I used a probe thermometer to get it to 145-150 at a simmer. I’d got 5-10 hotter next time, as I got lucky and had guests who didn’t squirm at rare parts. Celeriac puree pairs fantastically – both subtle. Rabbit makes a great gravy.

If you’re squeamish about rabbit: texture is like chicken meets pork, but with a flavor profile even less intense than chicken. If it’s domestically raised, it’s one of the easiest-to-take meats that exists, in my opinion. Choice bit: the loin was really nice. Those who like more interesting bits might prefer the belly/side flaps off the saddle cut.

The wines: Pellee Island Gewurtz, Mezzomondo Negroamaro, and Lunae Niccolo V Rosso.

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