Saucisson Sec, Two Ways

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These batches were put up on Tuesday [Mar 29]. I find I have to write about this kind of thing or I simply lose track of when they were made, which makes it a bit hard to remember how long they’ve been aging and how they’ve responded to temp, humidity, etc.

Both are essentially Ruhlman’s recipes, with two major exceptions. First, the pork version [used Irvings Farm Fresh Berkshire] has half the garlic called for, as I’m looking for a cleaner expression of the pork, less dominated by garlic. I find Ruhlman generally likes ‘flavor’ about 25% more than me, so I tone down his aromatics, generally.

The second batch was made from wild cow elk shank – trim I’d reserved in November for sausage. Because I could, I used some of the now-ubiquitous-to-me dried morel and shaggy parasol powders in this batch. I’m not sure they’ll show up, but I had to try in the name of research. And because, well, wild game and wild mushrooms in the same dry-cured sausage just plain sounds lovely.

So there they hang in the cellar, at 5C & 76%rh for at least a month.

7 Comments on “Saucisson Sec, Two Ways”

  1. Alan


    My pals and I just put up 50lb of Salami this weekend.

    Incubating right now and looking good.

    Your post inspired us to start a new batch. We will be doing moose and
    pork with wild queen boletus next time.

    Time for gardening here as well. Great stuff!!!


  2. HankShaw

    Gorgeous photos, Kevin! As for the salami, I vacillate on whether to highly spice my charcuterie or not. Usually when I am feeling minimalist I settle on one dominant flavor other than the pork and leave it at that. Have you tried a salami flavor with your wild herbs? Spring thyme? Wild chive?

  3. Kevin Kossowan

    Valerie – ;)
    Alan – it’s always a pleasure to hear of others’ adventures with the charcuterie! Glad I could be of use!
    Hank – Thanks. I haven’t tried the salamis with the wild herbs. Why? Cause I’m a moron…thanks for the idea.

  4. Deb Krause

    do you use any live cultures in your dry cured sausages? if a recipe calls for it, is it absolutely necessary?
    (still researching before I start my first batch, and I still have more questions than answers it seems lol)

  5. Kevin

    Deb – haven’t had to yet, but I’ve had some challenges as of late with good mold development, so may try. I’d say nothing’s necessary except for the cure to avoid botulism. ;)

  6. Deb Krause

    k, cuz i noticed that you didn’t state in any of your posts if you had added something like Bactoferm F-RM-52.
    It’s in a couple of Ruhlman’s recipes, but it seemed to be just to ensure the meat is acidic enough to prevent unwanted mold growth… which i thought that was the job of the curing salts (to prevent bad bacteria)… better safe than sorry maybe?

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