Saucisson Sec V1.0 Floppage?

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Okay people who know better, please weigh in. Verdict on Saucisson Sec V1.0 = crap. The inside looks as if it was hollowed a bit, and has a browny-not-so-nice color to it. I currently believe it was a humidity problem. We’ve had a really dry spring, and my estimate of 60%+ humidity quickly turned into 20%-30%. [the good news being that my basement is really dry this year!] So presumably the outside dried quickly, not allowing the center to breathe? If you know, please comment. I’ve left the rest to continue to do its thing, as a hail mary that it might improve, but I suspect it won’t.

Disappointing? Yes. But I also figured it would take some learning the hard way prior to getting some chops down.

2 Comments on “Saucisson Sec V1.0 Floppage?”

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