Scraping the Barrel

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This is embarrassing. No picture, and I’m scraping the barrel of things to post today. I’m not even going to label this one.

Today’s post should really read: “see Tuesday, October 02, 2007”. I’ve been living off tacos, refried beans, and a chili salsa for a few days now. I believe I’ll need a cleanse/detox soon.

This afternoon the landscaping ‘people’ were mass-raking leaves in our condo’s green space. I went outside and had a quick chat with the crew, and soon, they were dumping their loads of leaves and grass next to my garden. So most of my garden now sits under a foot or two of stuff I’m hoping will improve my soil, and protect my perrenials from our nasty winters. It felt like an achievement, even though they did all the work. Maybe that was the achievement.

I talked to my dad who pulled out of the bush camp this morning, and no moose will arrive in my kitchen in the next couple days as anticipated. Oh, they got a couple, but when divying them up, he chose to opt for waiting for calf rather than taking bull moose – something which pleases me greatly. Other than the ‘having to wait’ part. I’ve aluded to this mysterious supply chain of game meats before – one never really knows when to expect its appearance.

Speaking of game meats – I got an interesting lead on use of game offal here. [in the comments]

I tasted another Nero d’Avola [sicilian grape varietal] – a Scurati 2005 this evening. But I can’t tell you about it cause it’s not Friday wine night.

And lastly. I boiled potatoes. Yes. Facinating. But it’s for baby food for my 6 month old little girl. And I had a reminder that food – get this – is actually required for survival. I know. Easy to forget, no? Especially for a snob like me. We actually HAVE to eat, or we will die. Which makes being a foodie the BEST HOBBY EVER.

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