Shaggy Parasol Tasting Notes

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I’m resolved to get educated about this one. My mom’s huge fan, and picked them from our neighbour’s lawn when I was a teen. A small crop grew under my apple tree earlier in the year – and another couple popped up this week. Look at the SIZE!?!?…I couldn’t resist.

Tasting notes: far more standard ‘mushroom’ flavor profile than the shaggy mane – which has a unique edge to it that this lacks. This is far more likely to please the masses [aside from its potential…toxic…issues?]. It really seems like a giant, delicate portabello cap, with really interestingly textured gills. As odd as it sounds, it struck me a few times like a white fish. It smelled a touch fishy raw, as well as cooked – and has a similar taste and texture to a delicate white lake fish. This paired with perch would be a bizarre marriage of mushroom and fish. I also think it would make a superb stuffed mushroom cap – it’s gill endowment catching loads of flavors.

So here’s hoping I was right in eating some. If indeed I don’t react, and indeed these are edible, I will rejoice, and celebrate each year when they arrive.

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