Spaghetti Carbonara. [but not really]

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This is a family favorite [new tag!] in our home, and we call it Carbonara, but it isn’t. No egg, hence not actually a carbonara, but we don’t care. Call it what you want, it’s tasty, easy, and oh yeah, tasty. This particular version was actually worth jotting down, as it really impressed with how much it could deliver impact and depth with such a short ingredient list. I’m a particular fan of the contrast of creamy pasta with crunchy bacon. This served 2 adults and a toddler.

Spaghetti. Hopefully no further instruction required here. I do 80g per adult, half that for kids. Yes, I weigh it every time, I’m a geek.
6 small slices of bacon. This one, in my case.
Half a small onion, minced
1/2 cup – 1 cup cream. I’m a full-fat kinda guy.

In a small pan, fry bacon until crispy. Remove, reserve. After it’s cooled for a few minutes, mince it up into bacon bits. In this case, I left all the fat, maybe a tsp or two, in the pan. Still medium-hot, in went the onion. After it gets a bit translucent, in goes the cream. Cook a couple minutes until it thickens a bit, and season it with salt and pepper to taste in the meantime. Sauce is ready. It will be bacon-y from the fat, creamtastic, and allium’d from the onion. When the pasta’s close to done, remove it and add it to the pan with your sauce. Let them get to know each other for a while with the heat on. Taste as you go. When ready to rock, plate it, then top with the bacon mince. I used some optional parmesan grated on top. Writing this made me hungry.

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