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Today we went on a culinary adventure to Parkberry Fields. Where have they been all my life?!? We picked 3 pails of wicked, fragrant, super-ripe strawberries in 15-25 minutes – and that was slow because Evelyne wasn’t picking very fast. Yes. A joke. Hah.

We kept a few for fresh, and man do they make the ‘store-variety’ look like crap. The rest were cooked down with vanilla sugar, some going into the freezer, some into some strawberry ice cream I’m churning as I write, and lots into smoothies, on goat cheese – and any other way we can think to enjoy perfect strawberries over the next couple weeks.

I will be back to this berry farm. It’s fun, the product is amazing, and I’m keen to try both their black currants and evans cherries for sauces for game and duck in the fall. Ah. Food.

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