Summer Forage Workshop 2012

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I’ve been asked to do workshops for years, and resisted for an equal number of years. Last night, however, was the inaugural ‘workshop’, and it went really well. Folks left having learned a thing or two, got to have a nice evening out, everyone took home some edible mushroom, ask some questions, all at a low price point. Works for me. The next ones I’ve got line up can be found here, and include more foraging, traditional hard cider making, and pork butchery. In my view I’m no expert in any of those fields, but know more than enough to help out those that are wanting to get into it. This past one sold out just by folks tripping on the new tab on my site by accident, so I’m going to guess there will be no trouble filling spots, so if you’re interested, let me know sooner rather than later.

Last night the focus was mushrooms and saskatoons. The wild saskatoons this year in the city have been brutal, most the berries desiccated beyond edibility. I’ve been told by a Saskatoon grower in the Peace country that this is due to an insect at the blossom stage, and that most U-Pick growers spray for it, hence their regularly nice berries. So the focus really last night was on mushrooms. Not as many agaricus as I was hoping for, but we scored enough comb’s tooth for everyone to go home to tackle in their kitchen, and a couple red caps. We also found piles and piles of amanitas, which I was grateful for as it allowed me to show folks what they looked like, how they grew, etc. One attendee found a nice lineup in maturity of them from baby stage through to maturity. The biodiversity was fantastic, which made me very, very happy. Fun stuff.

5 Comments on “Summer Forage Workshop 2012”

  1. Robin-Taine

    Hi Kevin! Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the experience of picking mushrooms last night. As a complete novice, I came away definently feeling some confidence that I could just get out there and start foraging! Thanks again to you (and your wife) for making yourself available for this type of workshop.

  2. Gail Jones

    Hi Kevin,
    Thanks for taking us out on Friday night. We cooked up our mushrooms last night in a cream sauce and served them over pasta – it was fabulous. Raves were received from all diners (there were 6 of us), including one diner who never compliments my meals. Truly this was a great success. I can’t wait to go out and try to find some more agaricus, comb’s tooth and the puff balls.

  3. Adam Stevens

    does my heart good to see the low price point. It just reinforces that you are in it for the right reasons. Educate, educate, educate, keeps it in reach of the common man too. I’ve learned loads from your blogging, and have gotten bit by much of what you have said. I’m working up the parts for doing some cider here on our little hobby farm this fall. We’ll see how it goes. Wish Edmonton wasn’t a 16 hour drive away.

  4. Debra Krause

    Found a huge patch of comb’s tooth growing under my parents willows. Unfortunately they were all past their prime.
    At least I’ll know for next year :)

    Got one good picking off the saskatoon bushes too. They’re done with now though. Blueberries are just getting started though!

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