Sundog Organic Farm – The Big Move

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I spent a very cold but beautiful morning watching the sun rise over Sundog Organic Farm‘s new home a half hour or so northwest of the city. I was there to shoot photos and video for a project they asked me head up to document the journey of establishing their new organic vegetable farm – a multi-year project that I anticipate being rewarding for all parties involved.

The barren winter agricultural land was a poignant reminder how dramatically our food scene changes through the seasons. Currently: snow and frozen earth. And the gentle north-west wind is so damn cold that you hardly want to be outside. Yet in a few short months, it will be a green cornucopia of vegetable and fruit biodiversity, people, and healthful land stewardship resulting in good food for our community. I find people like this moving to places  like this to tackle agriculture differently inspiring. It takes balls.

When I shot their ‘From Local Farms’ episode back in the summer, Jenny and James were talking about the big move that was still in the works. They’re currently in the weeds of it, moving their life and family to this new piece of land that will support them moving forward. It’s manyfold larger in acreage, and will give them considerable opportunities for growth, practice of proper crop rotation and cover cropping, and will give them the space to set deep roots. Overwhelmed by potential, change, and hard work, it’s going to be an exciting  and exhausting year for these folks. More on this as winter lets go, and spring breathes life into the coming growing season.

6 Comments on “Sundog Organic Farm – The Big Move”

  1. John Schneider

    well we can certainly relate to re-establishing a farm and home! Good luck to Jenny and James! We are not quite moved in…hard to imagine farming right now with how busy we are finishing the straw bale house.

  2. A Canadian Foodie

    Jenny and James work too hard to not succeed. I am excited about this new project you are undertaking to follow them through the next few years. That will be book #two. Seriously. Any publishers out there reading this? Don’t you see a couple of books here? I do!

  3. Kevin Kossowan

    Greg – that’s James’ pride and joy, Ruby is her name, I believe.
    John – Glad things are coming along with your new home, and it certainly must be a good time of year to tackle the project head-on.
    Valerie – Hah. Books. I think one of Jenny and James’ strengths is willingness to do without – it will serve them well while they develop their business.

  4. Rebecca

    Kevin – I’m looking forward to this project! Love looking at your photos, videos, and reading about your take on the food and people around you. Being able to spend time – over time – with Jenny and James as they grow Sundog Organic Farm will turn into a treasure for many.

  5. Kevin Kossowan

    Rebecca – always good to hear from you. Stories like this need to be shared. I’m not into fiction, never have been. Seems so unnecessary when there’s so many real stories around.

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