4 Comments on “Tasty Summer Yard Berries”

  1. amy manning

    I had my very first taste of honeyberries this year. I struggled with growing them for a couple of years, because I didn’t realize they like such an alkaline soil (I thought every thing about them was akin to blueberries!). The berries were actually good, and came on before the strawberries. Yay for seasonal produce!

  2. A Canadian Foodie

    Love that the honeyberries are ripe in June – BUT this year I transplanted mine, and though they are now thriving, the transplant did clearly interfere with the fruit production. I thought I was doing it early, enough… but, got so few this year compared to “usual” that I will have to wait until next year to “do my thing” with them. Karlyn has really convinced me that I have to give them a second “go”. She, you, and Sarah Galvin… so, I am on it!
    Wild strawberries? How ever did you get them to grow in your garden? Only you with your magic garden thumb. These are truly the treasures of the forest. I could not believe something so small could pack in such incredible flavour the first time I tasted one of these. Outstanding… and evidence that faeries live in your garden, too!

  3. Karlynn

    Mmm lovely, our honeyberries are long gone, the kids scarfed them back in one day! Valerie, we left them to ripen on the bush for almost TWO weeks after they first turned completely blue and oh my word, they were the best yet! My daughter doesn’t like the seediness of Saskatoons but devours these as fast as she can grab them before her brother does ;) The berries only survived ripening so long because I didn’t tell the kids they were blue!

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