The Dantini

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It was my very good friend Dan‘s 30th birthday party on Saturday, and I was able to partake in one of my favorite drinks – his ‘Dantini’. And I do mean favorite. I don’t have a passing interest in it. It is not simply ‘okay’. I’m not posting this to be nice. I’m posting about it cause it’s damn-solidly-awesome [notice the excessive use of hyphons and poor grammar to attempt to hammer home my point] and not only does the world need to know about it, I need it handy for when I’m going to make myself one.

Dan’s made a gazillion martinis of various kinds, and somewhere along the way he tweaked and modded some recipes until he found one that suited his taste. And any time someone’s put that much time and care into something food or drink related, I’m in. So try this, if you got the gear:

2 parts gin
2 parts dry vermouth
1 part sweet vermouth
2 olives [or more, if you’re me]

It’s a shaken martini. Pour. Shake [cold is key]. Drink. Then pour another cause they’re so dang good. But don’t drive after.

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  1. Shovelfoot

    This is a great cocktail and even though I didn’t have any olives (I substituted a couple bread and butter pickle chips) It is stupid good. Thanks for sharing

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