‘The Harvest’ w/ Chef Brittany Watt

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I met Britt a few months ago, when the proprietor of the restaurant she was then working at introduced us. I promised her some plants, she came to get them and came for dinner, and I still haven’t managed to get her those plants. I think she and I get along because we’re both pretty hardcore when it comes to our values around food, and neither of us care much for beating around the bush. We were able to get out mushroom foraging this summer, and it looks like she’ll be jumping in on helping Allan Suddaby and I butcher elk this weekend. So there you have it: disclosure of bias + an explanation of why I was at her event, all wrapped into one.

Anyway, long story short: she’s started up her own gig, was having an ‘after hours’ harvest dinner geared entirely around farmers’ market vendor ingredients [NOT a normal activity around here], and invited me to attend as her guest. If you want to read a lovely blog post, Liane happened to be there. Read hers. I lack her eloquence. What I can tell you is that those chefs leading the way in their industry towards a real local and seasonal approach to food have my support. I’m unusual, with all my DIY/grow-it-kill-it-make-it-yourself stuff – I get it. I also get that many folks that eat out have similar values around local, seasonal, ethical food, and if I can support the chefs blazing the way in industry that serves the masses, I will.

Because I, quite honestly, hate writing about events [or worse, organizing them, don’t ask me to do that], do enjoy the video below. It delivers far more than I could via writing and a few pictures. Last thought: get down to the Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market not just to shop, but to eat, as Britt now runs the concession. The menu blew me away, as it actually serves up food sold by the vendors under that very roof. Well done, whoever lined up this long-time-needed change [and I know who you are]. Well done.

5 Comments on “‘The Harvest’ w/ Chef Brittany Watt”

  1. Deb Krause

    I was wondering how long it was going to take before that cafeteria started serving food made from products at the market. Good job Brittany! :D

  2. Twyla

    This is amazing and SO long past-due…thank you Kevin for showing everyone that we can eat seasonal and local all year round. Kudos to Ms. Watt. I hope more chefs follow her lead.

  3. Chad

    I was just talking about your last post and your video. Now it’s gone. Too many complaints? Further editing? I want answers.

  4. Kevin

    Hey Tara – yeah…I actually had a Zoom H4N there to capture audio, and failed to hit record… I am capable of moron. The H4N is really good at isolating the audio.

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