Tisane of Labrador Tea and Lemon

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Me. A herbal tea guy. Really? No. Well…maybe. But I’m going to use the french word – tisane – cause it sounds so much more awesome than ‘herbal tea’ which makes me think of any dime-a-dozen box of whatever people have stashed at the back of a cupboard somewhere.

I started mucking about with making teas out of various blends of culinary herbs from my garden a couple years ago. Simple, practical, and having a variety of herbs provides quite a few options to suit the mood.

Lately, I’ve been drinking teas with a base of wild Labrador Tea. Tonight’s includes some lemon zest, a tbsp of good honey, and a tbsp of lemon juice. Decent, though I think I’ve preferred the Labrador Tea more when it’s straight up. It has a unique evergreen note to it that is light and very reminiscent of the bush where I grew up hunting. I see why natives peoples drank the stuff. It’s good.

I also would agree with this source re: its medicinal properties. If I’m getting a little strung out, this stuff seems to tone me down. More on tisanes to come in the future, as I intend to use them more – to pair with food, finish a menu, or simply chillax.

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