Whole grain foods

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I’ve been on a whole grain food kick lately. Overall, I’d been feeling a little unhealthy all around – a general unwellness vibe that’s not pleasant when you’re used to feeling ‘well’. It’s winter-syndrome, really. Sleep more, move less, eat worse [no garden…] = bad news. Played some hockey, did some walking, and tweaked the diet and man do I feel better.

One important lesson I’ve learned: pilafs with whole grains and legumes taste awesome. You feel good about eating them, you feel good after eating them, your body likes you for it – and they taste great. That’s a pretty good cv for a food.

Today my pilaf had quinoa, millet, and two different lentils in it. Man was it good. All-organic to boot. Pilaf, by the way, is basically some aromatics [I used shallot and celery] fried gently in a fat [I used butter] for a bit, then throw in some grains or some legumes [see the bulk bins of a health food store for a mind-blowing assortment], and some water. Salt and pepper to taste, and it will surprise you. Think ‘cooking rice’ with some other flavourful stuff cooked just before you add the rice. Next time you’re putting together a carb for your meal, think ‘pilaf’.

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