Wife, Art, and surprise: Food

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My lovely and pregnant wife is starting to show, which is pretty head-warping, but also very cool.
Our friend Thaneah just left – she stopped by to drop off some copies of the CD we worked on earlier in the year. Looks like we’ll be working on another one this winter. A little shorter, a little more collaborative rather than me producing her material, and bartered for her doing a very large painting of the area we love in tuscany for our wall. She’s an extremely talented painter.
A local passerby knocked on our window today to ask me if she could have some of my tomatoes. She was overjoyed to get some. Yet another great reason to garden: sharing.
I’m finding that fall is tiring for one obsessed with food. I’m actually getting stressed about it all, believe it or not. Nothing serious, just odd. I bought 20 lbs of peaches and pears today. My 2 favorite fruit, just after their peak, being cleared out at a blow-out produce store. I’m a cheap-ass. I didn’t need the work. But what I’m after is pear ice cream. And peach ice cream. Don’t sound that crazy anymore, does it?

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